Personalized living and care plans

At Vibrant Life Senior Living, you will receive a personalized living and care plan designed just for you. These plans are based on communicating with individuals and families about their strengths, history, interests, and the activities they’ve enjoyed taking part in throughout their lives, along with their medical history.

Building meaningful relationships

Our team of passionate, caring people are trained to help create, maintain, and enhance personal relationships. Having these meaningful interactions with other residents, family, and staff will help the people who live in Vibrant Life continue to lead meaningful lives.

Stimulating activities to meet individuals’ interests

We believe that being engaged in stimulating activities is an essential element of being Vibrant and avoiding depression. By gathering a comprehensive history for each individual, we are able to learn their interests and offer an engaging environment for them participate in.

You can still do the things you love to do

We have a program called “Love – Levels of Vibrant Engagement.” Just because you may not be able to exactly “do” things you have always loved to do, doesn’t mean you can’t still be involved in your passion. Sometimes we can “do” what we love, with some help from others. Other times, we want to watch our favorite athletes or entertainers perform, like watching golf on television or watching someone garden. Or, you can always talk about the thing you love! At Vibrant Life, we believe that regardless of your limitations, you can still stay involved in what you love.

Delicious and nutritious food

What we put into our mouths every day is one of the most important elements of maintaining health. eating is also one of the most fun and fulfilling activities! The people who live at Vibrant Life are given delicious food they love, with the science of nutrition in mind. Lots of fruits, veggies, mixed in with comfort food! We have specialized diets for those who require low-salt, low-sugar, or any other dietary need.

Movement, music, and dance

At Vibrant Life, we believe there is nothing better than music and dance! We like to keep everyone moving as much as possible every day, so don’t be surprised if we encourage you to dance! We have our own dance studio in our Vig and Vigor Rehab studio, where professionally trained physical and recreational therapists will keep you moving in the way that is just right for you.